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Core learning is cognitive and based on perception, introspection, and memory through which an individual obtains knowledge or conceptual understanding. In education this is simply based on core skills. All learning is about understanding the CoreSkills and how to use them. What we do at Experts24-7 is teach how to learn these skills.

The time to start discussing — and visiting — colleges is before high school even starts, the new common core state standards demand it. Our methods and approach to supplemental education simplify the process. The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of a good education.


Experts24-7 pre-K is a CoreSkills results-driven curriculum that focuses on interactive learning through play

Perfect For Kindergarten readiness

The program is state certified early childhood teacher/tutor led providing the kind of anytime/anywhere access for blended learning<br>
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Elementary K-5

Enroll your child in program for an unequalled blended experience! We guarantee results

Building Confidence

We start with a diagnostic assessment pinpointing how your child learns.
This knowledge is then incorporated in a personalized plan to meet the challenges needed to move to the next level at school. This process is repeated as often as needed
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Middle School 6-8

No matter what subject your child faces in school, math, science or a second language.

Academic Excellence

our diagnostic process will diagnoses the situation and a supplemental curriculum to the rescue will be developed. Your child will become a confident learner, ready for the whatever comes next. Your child will have the freedom needed to participate and develop that desired extracurricular passion.Learn More

High School 9-12

Nearly every high school in the U.S. offers some type of extracurricular activity, such as music & sports.

Pro Advantage

At Experts24-7 we provides diagnostic assessment tools, a personalized curriculum, technology tools, a personal study space and a supportive and successful blended learning opportunity for a successful extracurricular activity, such as music, academic clubs, and sports and scholarship possibilities.
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Smart Tools For Success

Give Your Child a Learning Journey That Is Beneficial, Satisfying,  Fun And Like No Other!

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LEARN-ItIts all about : 

Assessment of cognitive skills

It is our job here at Experts24-7, to understand the unique needs common core states standards require of students today.  This is the reason we do everything possible to provide every advantages necessary wherever possible. This is why our academic coaches main focus is to teach your child the following study skills:

  • How to listen in class so they can remember
  • How to take good study notes
  • How to become organized
  • The importance of developing a schedule
  • The importance of asking questions, reading, reciting and reviewing

These are skills that are not usually a part of the curriculum in today’s busy classroom, yet extremely important. These may seem trivial but the upshot is a child with greater confidence and an enhanced capacity to learn.

The result to all of this is a child who is ready to learn at full capacity.

As a parent I think you will agree the earlier your child begins applying these skills, the more productive his or her academic future will be.
Learning is simple yet the process is a bit more complicated.

Your child’s capacity to handle information, reason, remembers, and relates is referred to in psychology as cognitive learning

The tools the brain use in any language to make learning possible are called CoreSkills .

When you think about it, it is fairly easy to understand if core (basic) skills are not developed then a child has no chance to succeed in school. Simply put the child starts behind and fall even farther behind because they aren’t able to integrate new information in a rapidly growing information rich world.
These are the skills that build the core foundation for academic skills like reading, writing and math

The ability to learn and make sense of it. . . is crucial to being a successful student… and developing these skills is what we do

approachThe way we do it:
Our Approach!

This method provides an exclusive and comprehensive solution that helps families achieve their academic goals while encouraging independent learning as well as reducing student dependence on tutoring. It is a structured process that uncovers what a student knows and emphasizes what needs to be learned. This process is supported by extensive educational research results.

Embracing the learning skills Possibilities

The ability to learn is uniquely embedded in cognitive skills blended with the ability to respond to stimulus and individual experiences.

What is learning?

We define learning as the whole of life experience, from the moment your child is conceived to the moment of death.
We think of a child’s brain as a like little sponge with the ability to learn from everything that they encounter, whether mud, toys, books or people. We think Pre k is the best opportunity for teacher directed leaning, however, learning occurs at any time in life. Learning is like building a house it is strongest when built on a solid foundation. In structured learning it is called Core Skills.

Learning is not studying. It is a mental process that is innate. Your child learn from all experiences in life structured or unstructured

Learning has no end. It is what humans and animals do.

At Experts Homework Helpers Live we recognize and take advantage of the fact that Learning involves far more than thinking: it involves the whole personality – senses, feelings, intuition, beliefs, values and will.  If your child does not have the will to learn, your son or daughter will not learn and if he or she has learned, he or she is actually changed in some way.  If the learning makes no difference it can have very little meaning beyond being random ideas that float through the consciousness of your child

In order for learning to occur some personal needs of the child must be met.  At Experts24-7 we have in place the necessary tools enabling us to recognize and identify such needs so that we are able to evaluate whether the learning has been worthwhile and successful.

Cognition is the ability to think, understand and learn. These abil­i­ties or processes are innate in all human beings.  Cog­ni­tive abil­i­ties are brain-based skills that allow the simplest task to the most com­plex to be performed. Cognitive skills are the brain mech­a­nisms that allow your child to learn, remem­ber, problem-solve, and pay atten­tion.

COGNITIVE ABILITIES including Exec­u­tive Functions ARE BRAIN FUNCTIONS and developing these important skills is what we do!

Your child’s core skills and needs are assessed using our A.T.L.E.TM Tutoring System which includes:

  • Our computer-assist skills assessment, pinpointing your child’s strengths and needs
  • A live personal assessment by our Regional Academic Director, identifying immediate and future goals
  • A self-evaluation where your child, talks about his or her own habits and attitudes towards school, describing their academic performance
  • A consultation with parent and child discussing the result of the assessment and personalized and customizable plan going forward

The common sense no-alternative solution for Homework

Today’s students need a place and method to review what has been taught in class for reinforcement and an effective way to get homework done that is in sync with the busy student lifestyle. Experts24-7 Personal Study Space is the answer. It’s FREE!

Homework online study space

Personal Study Space offers a student an opportunity to work independent to study, review, to do online research, get questions answered one-on-one or receive help with homework or other assignments from anywhere at any time. Live training sessions can be scheduled or the student can invite a study buddy whenever she or he wants.

Look at what your child gets for FREE the #1 Personal Place To Study Online

With over parents all over the nation are signing their children up and counting, Experts24-7 Personal Study Space is the most comprehensive and trusted private place to study for Pre K – high school students on the web.


Amazing, your child gets all this for FREE:

The Solution Is Live And Interactive: Traditional learning programs fall a bit short, when it comes to homework execution the student is often left to learn on their own with a feeling of isolation. At Experts24-7 we do things differently. We provide free of charge a place to study and no- alternative homework and class note review solution. Your Child only need a computer with an internet connection. It is a universal online study solution supported on multiple platforms – Windows, MAC OS X, Linux as well as on Android phones and tablets.

 Personal Study Space Your child private study space supports live video and crystal clear audio, multiple interactive whiteboards, markup and annotation tools, file and document sharing, screen sharing and many other collaboration tools.

Buddy to Buddy Collaboration: Having a Personal Study Space is all about creating an engaging learning place that enables your son or daughter to invite a classmate from any class as a study buddy to review class notes, for homework collaboration, to work on a project or prepare for a quiz/exam, the possibilities are endless. There will be times when your child gets stuck with a question or a problem that need solving is as near as a help button a homework helper into his or her personal study space live for an explanation or clear solution. When there is a research project that is required Your student can easily go on a virtual field to find the needed information by simply going to the resource library located inside your child personal study space.
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