learning-problemsMeet Jennifer, proud parents of Liam, who is 9 years old. Jen and her husband Marc, like all parents want only the best for Liam, to see him excel in school, engaged in sports, be well-liked by his peers, and when the time comes, ace his SAT’s to get into one of the elite Ivy League schools. At the moment, however, Liam is having difficulty concentrating and as a result, his retention has suffered as results, grades have dropped to an all-time low in just about all of his classes. After meeting with Liam’s teachers and school psychologist, and being assured that this lack of concentration has nothing to do with Liam’s ability to learn, only his ability to stay focused, Marc and Jen reached out to Experts24-7 to see how we could help before the situation got any worse.  Following a free consultation with an Regional Academic director in the area where lives The first thing we did was to administer an assessment test to determine how much Liam already knew. The results of the assessment test provided us with a road map of how we needed to proceed. Our assessment test showed that Liam would greatly benefit from 3 hours a week of brain training with one of our certified brain training experts. It’s been 6 weeks and Liam is making remarkable progress. His concentration level has increased along with his interest in school subjects. We at Experts and Liam’s parents realize there is still more work to be done, but we’re making progress. Stay tuned to keep up with how Liam is doing


In this blog “we share tips on raising an academically intelligent, smart, brainy child and help parents and teachers make this reality”.

The innate love and compassion that all parents feel for their children translates into wanting to do everything possible to help them succeed not only academically but in all their endeavors throughout life. This blog is for all parents. I think we can all agree, the real world is a RAT RACE and as parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our children are able to compete. I believe this is where tips and ideas on how to make your child smarter by increasing their ability to learn are crucial for their future.

On behalf of Experts and Homework Helpers Live I am issuing a $500 challenge to anyone who comes up with the best ideas for encouraging children to want to learn, in other words tell us your ideas on how to motivate and foster intelligent, smart children, what worked and what didn’t, we want to hear it all.