Academic Services: Students all over America are beginning to experience learning with a Local Tutor. Let your child be next. Schedule a lesson for free today. We are offering your child the best academic services in-home, online and a combination of both using the latest technology and the best academic minds in your local community anywhere in the country. Our services begin with the core elements of learning reading, writing and math starting from PreK through 12th grade continuing into adulthood also including homeschooling, special education, foster care and adult education, As the WORLD changes so will education and the learning opportunities we provide. Stay Tune!!!
profile-photosYep! that’s right, we’ve added lots of new technology and other features! Private Tutors, from local neighborhoods all over the country are joining up like wild fire!

The Choice Is Yours . . .

Parents, we give you the option when choosing a tutor for your child.

OPTION 1: Tell us your needs and our Regional Academic Director will choose a tutor based on the academic assessment of your child.

OPTION 2 : Visit our tutor profile page and select a tutor of your choice

No matter your choice you still get the expert service of one of the MOST QUALIFIED TUTORS in the business today.

We’ve done something else really special and we’re giving it away, in case you don’t already know, it’s StudywithyourBuddy, sprinkled with a hefty layer of love and pixie dust!!